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Make a Donation

We are a small charity with a big heart for these vulnerable children. We can't save every child in Uganda but we are determined to make a difference to every child that we come into contact with. Like any other charity, we can only provide what we do by fundraising and asking for donations and sponsorship.


In the last couple of years, Suubi Africa has grown far beyond what we expected or budgeted for! We are now playing catch up to try to continue to fund the amazing work that Esther and Jeremiah are doing.

It costs £3000 a month to cover everything.

That covers the saturday club, elvet house, the farm, the medical centre, the primary school, the adult workshops, staff, crops, animals etc. We are very grateful to everyone who has supported us over the years and we are very fortunate to have people who support us on an ongoing monthly basis. We are however a long way off covering the £3000 a month we need. 

If you feel that you could give a regular amount every month or a one off donation, then please click on the link below and we will be very grateful for any amount you would like to give. 100% of the donations we receive goes to these children. We have no admin costs or other fees of any kind so you can be sure that we will make good use of every penny we receive.