Meet The Team

Christine Steptoe

Christine SteptoeTrustee (UK)

Christine is a founder trustee. Living in Consett, she organizes fundraising events, collects donations of clothes, toys etc & visits Uganda when possible. She is the worship leader for the Durham Chapter of Aglow International. She says, "without God at the head of the charity, it would not be possible to achieve the goals set out in our vision”.

Neville Steptoe

Neville SteptoeTrustee (UK)

Neville is one of our founder trustees. Married to Christine, he is now retired & is responsible for the financial aspects of the charity. He says, “we may be a young, small charity compared to others, but as an old Chinese proverb says – even the longest journey begins with one small step".

Jenny Nicolson

Jenny NicolsonTrustee (UK)

Jenny, a retired widow living in Buxton is one of our founder trustees. She feels privileged to be involved in the care of these children, placed into our hands, she believes, by the Lord. She organizes local fundraising events and visits our family in Uganda when possible.

Keith Johnson

Keith JohnsonTrustee (UK)

Keith is a local businessman living in Durham. His sister, Christine, persuaded him to go to Uganda with her in 2010 & the children won him over! He has been actively involved in local children's charities for many years, namely Barnardos, for which he recently received the honor of an MBE.

Rebecca Powell

Rebecca PowellTrustee (UK)

Rebecca has been a trustee since 2012. She lives in Durham and is daughter to Keith and niece to Christine & Neville. Her roles include organising fundraising events, managing the website and marketing.

Michael Hogen

Michael HogenTrustee (UK)

Michael is a local businessman. Our newest trustee who became involved with the charity after Keith invited him to visit Uganda in 2014. Whilst there, he was won over by the children and has had a passion for the work this charity does ever since.

Esther Zziwa

Esther ZziwaTrustee (Uganda)

Esther is our Ugandon trustee & is married to Jeremiah. She lost her parents when she was 3 & grew up in an orphanage home run by the African Children's Choir. She says; "we do what we do because we want to help change the lives of vulnerable children in Uganda and give them hope for a better tomorrow, just like someone once did for us."

Jeremiah Zziwa

Jeremiah ZziwaTrustee (Uganda)

Married to Esther, Jeremiah is our other Ugandon trustee. He lost his parents when he was very young & grew up in an orphanage home. Esther & Jeremiah manage, oversee and run everything that goes on in Suubi Africa Village. They are passionate about helping these vulnerable children and give 110% in all that they do.