The Saturday Club

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The Saturday Club is our main community outreach program. We invite children from our community and surrounding areas to come into our village every saturday, to enjoy a nutritious meal, to play games, to play on the playground and generally have fun! These children do not have much fun in their lives so this is a great opportunity for them to enjoy being kids! Many walk for miles, often carrying their younger sibling. Some the children walk so far that they are exhausted when they reach us. The first thing these children do is sleep, then eat, then play. Most of these children live in desperate conditions and this will be the only decent meal they get all week. Over 200 children come every week.

We make sure each child has a nutrious meal, which will be different every week. The meal can include rice, bread, meat, eggs, fruit. These are all things that the children will not get at home. We use food that we grow on our land and eggs from our chickens, then buy in the rest. Our Elvet House children help to prepare and serve the meal to the Saturday Club children. The children have great fun playing on our playground. The photo below shows our latest piece of equipment - the monkey bars- that Jeremiah build by hand.

These children really have nothing and we would like to do more so we are putting together a ‘Sponsor a Child’ campaign for these Saturday Club children that would pay for them to go to our school, to clothe them, feed them and give them medical attention. This would dramatically improve the quality of their lives and give them hope for a better future. This will be launched very soon.

The Saturday Club is our main outreach project and costs just under 1000 a month to run. It is our biggest single expense but we are benefitting hundreds of children. For most of these children, the meal we give them will be the only decent meal they get all week. This will probably be the only fun they have all week and the only time they can just enjoy being kids.

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