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Suubi Africa Primary School

Suubi Africa Primary School opened in February 2016. The whole building is not finished but the need for good education is so great that we decided to finish and open it room by room while we raise the funds to finish the rest. We currently have 60 children attending school with 6 teachers, running 6 classes out of 2 rooms. 

The school year is similar to that UK, where we run 3 terms a year lasting 3 months each.We are open 5 days a week. The school opens at 8am, with the 3 kindergarten classes finishing at midday and Primary 1,2 and 3 finishing at 3pm. The children are given uniforms, reading and writing material and are fed a meal of porridge. We built a small playground outside the school so the children can have some fun during break times! We have many more children wanting to attend the school but until we can finish the next room, we are at capacity. It will cost around £5000 to finish the next room. 

Esther says about the school, "Our goal is to start a good school in our community and provide these poor children with a good education that will help them transform their lives. And maybe one day they will become the future leaders who will help transform our country."

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