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​Community Playground

Living in one of the poorest areas of Uganda, there is nothing much for children to do. We felt that we wanted to provide something for our children and the children in the community to simply enjoy and have fun. So we invested in a roundabout, a set of swings, a slide and a see saw. We originally thought we'd have around 50 children coming to our Saturday Club but when the numbers very quickly jumped to over 200, the playground equipment wasn't going to cope! So we bought another swing set, roundabout and a bench swing.

There was much excitement and shouts of joy when it arrived on the back of Jeremiah's truck. For these children, coming to our playground is like going to a theme park! We wanted to provide even more so Jeremiah built a set of monkey bars, which the children were lining up for as he was installing them!

Playing Fields

We had a free area of land so Jeremiah made some goals and netball hoops, so the children could form teams and play football and netball. These are used at the Saturday Club but there are also a number of children who come after school during the week to play. The adults also enjoy playing netball and football after their English class!