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Suubi Africa Medical Center

Opened in December 2015​... We are operating in one of the poorest areas of Uganda where the majority have no access to even the most basic of heathcare. Most of the local children are living with things that can be treated easily and their quality of life could be improved. Esther saw an opportunity in the form of a derelict building on the outskirts of our land that we were able to secure and transform into the building we have now. We opened the doors to Suubi Africa Medical Center on 2nd December 2015. It has 2 rooms and we are classed as a 'Health Center 2', meaning we can treat children 0-5 years old. The center is open 8am till 6pm 7 days a week, ran by Hadija, our fully qualified nurse who lives in the village. 

Access to healthcare is something most people don't have so this is a huge plus for our village. For the first few months we were treating 50+ children every day, but that has now settled down to between 70-100 children per week, many walking for miles from neighboring villages to reach us. We treat malaria, pneumonia, typhoid, coughs & colds, skin diseases, deworming, wounds, jiggers, minor eye & ear infections and snake bites. Medicine and medical equipment is very expensive so we treat what we can.

We hope in the future to have a larger building, more staff and more medicine so that we can treat other illnesses and older children. We also plan to run some health and hygiene workshops to teach the local people how to look after themselves and their homes better.

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