Elvet House

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​Elvet House is home to our 10 adopted children. They have come to us through a variety of circumstances and some of whom would not be here today had we not taken them in. All of these children have a living relative, who has asked us to look after their child as they are not able to, because of illness, poverty or other circumstances. They are growing up as brothers and sisters in a way that represents the typical African family and their futures are now bright and full of hope. 

Elvet House was opened in December 2012 and is named after Elvet Methodist Church in Durham, who raised over £30,000 for this. We would not have been able to complete this build had it not been for their very generous donation and support over the years. From buying the land to finishing the house took around 3 years. It proved to be more difficult and more time consuming than we first imagined but we are thrilled with the result. Before this, Esther, Jeremiah and our children were living in various rented houses in the city of Kampala. They had to move regularly because as soon as the landlords discovered they had help from outside the country, the rent would suddenly and dramatically increase! The children were therefore quite unsettled and the city was not a safe environment for them. Jeremiah's family was from Wobelenzi so we looked to buy land near there and move the children into a more rural setting. This has proved to be the best decision we could have made. The children are happy, healthy, have room to play and are safe.  

It was always our plan to replicate Elvet House and build more forever homes for some very needy children within our village, but the need of the community took over and became more urgent. We are however now designing our next home and hope to begin work on that later in the year. 

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