Suubi Africa Village

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​Suubi Africa Village

Our village is located in a rural setting in Kazinga, Katikumu Sub country, Luweero District, Uganda. We are 25 miles north of Kampala and our nearest town is Wobulenzi, which is 8 miles north. We live in one of the poorest parts of Uganda, where there is very little access to clean water, healthcare or education. There is a great lack of skills in the people who live in the community and therefore no hope of a better future. Before we build our village, there was nothing for the children to do and nowhere for them to go. We wanted to see life, hope and joy in the eyes of these children. We wanted to help them, their families and other members of this community to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination have put in their way.

Suubi Africa Village is now the hub of this community. We are committed to affecting and changing the lives of every child or disadvantaged member of this community that we come into contact with. Our village consists of Elvet House, Suubi Africa Children’s Medical Center, Suubi Africa Primary School, the Saturday Club, Messy Church, a community building, a playground and a farm. ​

When we first moved to Kazinga, our primary purpose was to create a safe and healthy environment for the children in our care. That is still our top priority, however it soon became clear that that wasn't going to be enough and that we had to do all we could to help this community.